The Trudeau-NDP Coalition: Fewer jobs, higher taxes

October 19, 2019

Both Liberals and NDP say they will halt all new pipeline development

Both Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh’s campaigns mused yesterday about cancelling ongoing and future pipeline projects. Singh doubled-down yesterday reminding Canadians that he’s “fully opposed to Trans Mountain”.

Meanwhile, Trudeau’s star candidate in Quebec confirmed that under Trudeau’s plan “many of these [pipelines] are incompatible with the goals we have for 2030”.

The Trudeau-NDP coalition is the coalition you can’t afford. Their radical position on pipeline development will mean fewer jobs for Canadians and less future revenue that can be put toward health care, education and social services across Canada.

As a result, a Trudeau-NDP coalition would be forced to raise taxes on middle-class Canadians in order to fund any new health care spending.

Only Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party has a plan to build a national energy corridor that will encourage greater investment in the Canadian energy sector. Greater economic development means Andrew Scheer will be able to lower taxes to put more money in your pocket to help you get ahead.